Breathtaking for a special occasion!

Who doesn’t like the thrill of a boating adventure? Now it’s even easier to get onboard!
Join the cruising specialists at ZEAL on a truly unique journey discovering the wonders in and around Tokyo.
Imagine carefully selected locations and freshly prepared cuisine, by a passionate crew who want to deliver the most memorable experience possible.
Get in touch with a refreshing side of nature, whenever you want and how often you feel like.
It all begins here—your journey to explore another side of Tokyo.

Seasonal & scenic tours

Unprecedented front row seats to Tokyo.

Take in the Meguro River fireworks without the crowds, enjoying a cold lager under a cool sea breeze.
ZEAL has premium waterfront seating, for any event, any season.
Watch the scenery drift by, gently rocking with the ripples. Unwind as the delights of a Tokyo slowly pass by, honed to perfection by cruising experts ZEAL.


Put city life behind for a while.

Watch the city lights shimmer across the water; where the sky seems endless; and tranquility takes over.
A truly memorable way to share a special moment with friends.
ZEAL caters any cruise plan to perfection: from ship selections and tantalizing dining options to unforgettable landscapes, topped off with personalized service.


Onboard for a taste of extraordinary.

The onboard dining options of a ZEAL cruise are spectacular, with handcrafted gourmet made with only the freshest ingredients.
Indulge in pure comfort with the waves and designer cutlery, matched with the bartender’s ideal drink selection.
Hospitality abounds in a memorable atmosphere that is sure to satisfy all the senses.


A romantic union like no other.

A cozy sea breeze, gentle lapping of waves, and an ocean that spans as far as the eye can see. What better to embark on a new life together.
Never has there been a more romantic, pleasurable moment for everyone aboard.
Say “I Do” with an exclusive wedding cruise blessed by the ocean.


ZEAL has a wide selection range of ships available to suit
customer numbers, styling and other requests.